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Flight IDFromToDeparture TimeArrival TimeAircraft TypeStatus
2/25/2018 6:39PM WST2/25/2018 6:48PM ESTB789In Flight
2/25/2018 6:10PM CET2/25/2018 7:33PM ESTB77WIn Flight
2/25/2018 12:38PM EST2/25/2018 4:20PM ESTB738In Flight
2/25/2018 5:46PM GMT2/25/2018 7:55PM ESTB788In Flight
2/25/2018 3:00PM AST2/25/2018 6:46PM ESTA310In Flight
2/25/2018 3:03PM AST2/25/2018 7:12PM ESTA319In Flight
2/25/2018 3:05PM AST2/25/2018 7:07PM ESTB738In Flight
2/25/2018 2:14PM EST2/25/2018 4:14PM PSTA320In Flight
2/25/2018 3:17PM AST2/25/2018 7:01PM ESTA319In Flight
2/25/2018 2:19PM EST2/25/2018 6:19PM ESTA320In Flight
2/25/2018 11:38AM PST2/25/2018 7:07PM ESTA320In Flight
2/25/2018 2:43PM EST2/26/2018 6:30PM WSTB788In Flight
2/25/2018 3:03PM EST2/25/2018 4:58PM MSTE190In Flight
2/25/2018 12:04PM PST2/25/2018 7:18PM ESTA333In Flight
2/25/2018 3:11PM EST2/25/2018 7:13PM ESTB738In Flight
2/25/2018 4:25PM AST2/25/2018 8:26PM ESTB738In Flight
2/25/2018 2:40PM CST2/25/2018 7:52PM ESTB763In Flight
2/25/2018 12:44PM PST2/25/2018 8:18PM ESTA320In Flight
2/25/2018 3:52PM EST2/25/2018 7:30PM ESTB738In Flight
2/25/2018 4:04PM EST2/25/2018 7:17PM ESTB763In Flight
2/25/2018 4:20PM EST2/25/2018 7:48PM ESTA319In Flight
2/25/2018 4:21PM EST2/25/2018 7:54PM ESTB738In Flight
2/25/2018 4:39PM EST2/25/2018 8:46PM ESTA332In Flight
2/25/2018 4:41PM EST2/25/2018 7:25PM ESTCRJ9In Flight
2/25/2018 4:47PM EST2/25/2018 9:36PM ASTB738In Flight
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