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Airline Flight Tracking - KAL908 Flight Status Information

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KAL908 Flight Information
Operated by: Korean Airlines (KAL908) Aircraft Type:  
Flight ID: KAL908 Ground Speed:   632 mph
Status: In Flight Altitude:   33,000 feet
Time remaining: 6h 13m (estimated) Bearing:   E
Distance remaining: 3,528 miles (3,065 NM or 5,677 km)

KAL908 Departure Information
Airport: EGLL (London Heathrow)
32° F

Wind: NE
at 9 mph
City: United Kingdom
Departure Time: 2/25/2018 7:40pm (actual)
Current Local Time: 2/25/2018 11:44pm
FAA Airport Status: No delay

KAL908 Arrival Information
Airport: RKSI (Seoul/incheon Intl)
30° F

Wind: ENE
at 3 mph
City: Korea
Arrival Time: 2/26/2018 2:57pm (estimated)
Current Local Time: 2/26/2018 8:44am
FAA Airport Status: No delay

Flight Explorer flight tracking is currently capable of displaying flight status information for the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada, as well as parts of Mexico and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Information on this page refreshes every 5 minutes.

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